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I'm fascinated by harnessing Design to transform products into delightful experiences.

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UX Projects

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2-week Group Project    ·   2016
5-day Design Refinement & Case Study   ·   2019


How can we enable more informed purchasing decisions in the age of contactless payments?
Digital payments reduce the perceived value of money and increase overspending. Jist enables more informed purchase decisions by conveniently displaying your budget where and when you need it most, on your wallet. Tools: Research, Ideation, Physical & Digital Prototyping, Sketch, Principle.
Strategy & Website Design Freelance   ·   2018

Coaching Par by 2R

How can a new coaching company attract clients through their website?
I helped the founders of 2R turn their masters thesis into an attractive product for possible clients. Culminating in the design of their website. Thanks in part to this, they are testing their methods with their first client. Tools: Project Management, Research, Copyrighting, Wireframes, Sketch, Wix.
Major Project at Northumbria University   ·   2018

Jeevs, a smart cooktop

How can we make the cooktop an easier, more pleasurable tool to use?
The cooktop is the most essential of cooking tools, but its limited functionality leads to all sorts of headaches when cooking. Jeevs offers an innovative hardware & software approach to solve some of these issues.   Tools: Research, Ideation, User Interviews, Industrial Design, Physical and Digital Prototyping, Wireframing, Sketch

Other things I’ve been up to

Writing & storytelling   ·   2019

Writing for Better Humans

Better Humans is one of the most demanding publications on Medium, only publishing professional articles by top experts on human potential and self-improvement. I’ve been lucky to publish an article with them about how I use Google Maps to save my favourite places around the world.
An example of how I apply design to streamline and adapt the tools I use every day.
Part 2, a design case study about how I would tweak Google Maps to make it more powerful and valuable for users was the inspiration for this article and will be coming soon.


6-month design placement
6-month design placement
Live project
Live project
External project

Industrial Design Projects

I’m fully committed to User Experience Design— but if you have the time, with physical and digital products becoming ever more intertwined, I believe that my Industrial Design projects can shed light into my thinking as a designer.
Find these and more on my Behance


The botijo is an ancient water carrier that cools water without the need for electricity just like magic — it’s actually physics.  I wanted to bring its design into the 21st century and make a few improvement along the way.

Whale Tissue Holder

The beautiful and clean design of the tissue holder allows it to be displayed anywhere where it’s needed. It also reduces waste by using toilet paper which allows taking just the amount needed.

Non Literal Product

The brief was: ”design an electronic product that has not prescribed function.” Even then, what interested me most was creating delightful experiences with functional objects. That's why I decided to explore around the idea of a remote.

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I’m a pragmatic, analytical designer. A believer in the power of design to find human-shaped solutions to complex problems.

I bring a beginners mindset with and open-minded, can-do attitude — ready to soak up knowledge form all areas of the business and become an integral part of the team.

What am I looking for?

My goal for the coming years is to learn, grow, and earn a strong foothold in the world of User Experience.

I’m looking to join a team of people that are excited to go to work every morning, that demand and produce top work and that believe in the power of design to build relevant and engaging products that people love to use.

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