I’m Nacho, product designer at Simplestream creating video streaming apps across Mobile, Web & TV.

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A re-brandable design system for 100+ apps

iOS, Android, tvOS, Web, FireTV, Hybrid TV, PS5, 2020

Inefficiencies common on many digital products quickly become extremely wasteful on a white-label supporting 100+ live apps. I lead the creation of a design system that is revolutionising the way we build.

Steaming live events across 8 platforms

Live now, UX+UI Design, Prototyping, 2019

With new clients coming in, we needed to add live event support across Simplestream’s platform. Being white-label, we had to deal with interesting challenges along the way.

Designing a powerful video player live on 30+ apps

Live now, UX+UI Design, Prototyping, 2019

This project was about thinking small. The challenges of supporting 4 different video stream types and the introduction of new advanced features, all within our white-label framework made it among the most fun projects I’m proud to work in.

The Economist audio

Personal Project, UX+UI Design, Prototyping, 2020

For years, listening to the Economist has been an essential part of my commute. After a recent redesign made the listening experience let’s just say… challenging, I decided to redesign it.

A clever concept to control spending

University project, UX+UI Design, Prototyping, Industrial Design, 2019

'Jist' is a bluetooth connected device that fits inside your wallet, together with other cards. It helps you achieve your spending goals by displaying important financial information right when you need it most: before you make a purchase.
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