A list of resources that help boost my effectiveness.
Free for everyone!

Have you ever walked into a meeting and thought:

“What questions should I be asking to better understand the problem we are facing?” 🤔

I have — many times — and each time it felt like I was starting from scratch.

One day I got fed up and began creating templates and resources to help solve problems I face regularly. Although no magic bullet, these serve as a good starting point.

Many are based on my own experience, others I've heard or read somewhere, including form tech leaders like Julie Zhuo, Satya Nadella or Reid Hoffman, and organisations like NN/g.

These are meant for my personal use, but with everything living in the cloud and zero overhead to sharing, I would like to spread the love.

Find  anything useful? Feel free to make it your own. Enjoy 😊

Have any ideas or suggestions to make it better?

Questions to ask when...

Asking the right questions it’s soooo important — I keep some ready to help me uncover valuable insights in common situations.§

Friendly warning: These questions are just a starting point. They are meant to be modified, moved around and filtered down to fit the exact situation you are facing at the time.

Bits & Bobs —

Figma resources —

I recently moved from Sketch to Figma and started creating resources to make my life easier.

One more, just for fun xx

My recipe collection

I believe my love of cooking and food comes from having grown up with home-made, deliciously healthy, Mediterranean food.
Over the years, I’ve collected some of my favourite recipes on this Notion board.
Why Notion? I use keywords to filter recipes by time, ingredient and mote.
Over-engineered? Just maybe...

190+ recipes