Hey there,
I'm Nacho 👋

I believe we can shape technology to create a more just and inclusive world by enabling equal access to information.

I'm biased towards change, moving fast, testing things.

I'm sceptical of unfounded claims.

I’m determined to have a positive impact by pushing for technology that is people-centred, inclusive, and beneficial for our global society.

At work

I ask a lot of questions to understand the problems we want to solve and the goals we want to achieve. I then create high-fidelity wireframes that aim to address those goals. Those wireframes get turned into visual interfaces, sometimes with subtle motion effects, to be prototyped and tested with real people.

Working next to a developer
Lunch with the team
8px grid
Feedback early & often
Atomic Design
Clean inbox
Launch day
Figma Variations
Notion databases
Thoughtful constraints
Clear goals
Data-based decisions

In Life

I’m originally from Madrid and moved to the UK 6 years ago to study
(sí, hablo español)

I was raised to love cooking and food, eating home-made, Mediterranean food everyday.

I truly believe that access to technology can change lives for the better. That’s why I volunteer teaching older folks and those with disabilities to use technology.

I love exploring my local area and traveling abroad
(27+ countries and counting)

My latest hobby is the surprisingly fascinating world of green wood spoon carving.

If I could choose my ultimate experience, it would be to spend several weeks on the International Space Station, looking back at our Earth.

Road trips
Greek food
Science & Technology
Food shopping
Spanish food
Chinese food
Space exploration
Latest apps
Listening to passionate people
Coffee with friends
Time tracking
Italian food
American food
Turkish food

What I’m reading

I like to keep 2 books going at once. A "professional" book that helps drive my skills forward and a "personal" book that follows other interests.

The Making of a Manager

Julie Zhuo


Alfred Lansing

Made to Stick

Ship Heath & Dan Heath

When Breath Becomes Air

Paul Kalanithi

The Lean Startup


What I’m listening to

As a dyslexic, I struggle to read more than a couple of dozen pages a day but I can listen to podcast for hours. I try to keep a good mix between design, current affairs and other interests like science, technology, personal development and more.

The Economist Weekly

Design Better Podcast

99% Invisible

The Infinite Monkey Cage

Method Podcast